The Japanese greatly value appearance, a concern that extends to skin care, where great pains are taken to achieve fair, flawless skin. Natural skin aesthetics is the passion to which Representative Director Yoshikazu Igarashi has dedicated himself, spending half his life immersed in the study of all manner of plant properties and their efficacy in skin care. After repeated research and refinement, he ultimately discovered that y-PGA, extracted during the natto fermentation process, has a triple moisturizing effect. The Bacillus subtilis resulting from fermentation contains vitamin B2 that promotes cell regeneration and vitamin B6 that controls sebum secretion, as well as having whitening, anti-aging, anti-liver spot, and anti-edema properties.

Known in Japan as the established niche brand that offers “irresistibility at an irresistible price,” GOLD YUMEHADA not only uses natural ingredients, but also offers quick, visible results at an extraordinary price. GOLD YUMEHADA holds its own among 800+ anti-aging and whitening products, a moderately priced island in an ocean of exorbitantly priced skin care products.


Since its founding more than 50 years ago, GOLD YUMEHADA has maintained its insistence on employing natural raw materials in the production of its high-quality skin care products. That tradition continues today. With uncompromising quality and definite results, GOLD YUMEHADA has won a place in the hearts of Japanese women. Cosmetics are becoming the driving force behind advancements in skin beauty. Creating a brand that people reach for and trust.

GOLD YUMEHADA strives to achieve a “natural skin” beauty: weightless, flawless, additive-free; freeing skin, and providing it the balanced environment it needs to enjoy maximum care.


GOLD YUMEHADA combines ancient Japanese beauty formulas handed down for over a century with the latest in scientific research. At the core of GOLD YUMEHADA is its care philosophy: “natural beauty, natural skin.” From simple cleansing to unlocking the secrets of skin aging, GOLD YUMEHADA never wavers in its commitment to keep skin care “pure and simple,” offering the most natural and simple options in care.

Guided by the same natural skin care philosophy, 4 sub-brands under the GOLD YUMEHADA banner using natural spring water and Japanese y-PGA natto gum extract have gradually become known throughout Japan. What distinguishes all products under the GOLD YUMEHADA banner is natural active ingredients in dozens of natural formulas. GOLD YUMEHADA products are extremely stable and do not contain preservatives, sulfates, mineral oil, or other additives; so, they essentially do not cause acne and are non-comedogenic.

The history of Gold Yumehada

In 1970

In 1970, the brand was founded by Mr. Yoshikazu Igarashi, a noble and respected entrepreneur in the Japanese beauty industry.

Since 1975

Since 1975, Mr. Yoshikazu Igarashi has worked tirelessly for many years with his passion for the aesthetics of natural skin. The result was the birth of the first natural emollient cream, the Japanese Yumehada.

At the beginning of 1980

At the beginning of 1980, Yumehada Emollient Cream became the highest-selling skin care product for 5 consecutive years in the life shopping channel of a certain TV station in Japan. At that time, the accumulated sales hit the record of 100,000 bottles.

In 2016

In 2016, SUPIA ASIA officially introduced Yumehada Emollient Cream to the Hong Kong and Chinese markets. Thanks to the hard work of SUPIA ASIA, Yumehada Emollient Cream was soon widely reported by the media and loved by users. It even won the Best Moisturizing Cream Award of the Japanese fashion magazine VIVI, the first award to this brand.

In 2017

In 2017, with their commitment to the aesthetics of natural skin, SUPIA ASIA and Mr. Yoshikazu Igarashi hoped to pass on the brand of Yumehada and make it a long-lasting name that would not be eliminated by the times. Hence, they jointly developed the “Gold Yumehada” lines. While taking advantage of the benefits of Yumehada, Gold Yumehada has also incorporated a variety of natural moisturizing factors to become an advanced version of Yumehada. With its unique formula and amazing effects, Gold Yumehada immediately gains market attention and appraisals of consumers. It has received extensive coverage by mainstream fashion media.

In October 2017

In October 2017, Gold Yumehada successfully entered the Finalists of the Cosmopolitan Best of the Best Award for the Best Anti-Aging Product to compete with other big brands.

In November 2017

In November 2017, Gold Yumehada took part in Cosmoprof Asia, Asia’s largest cosmetics exhibition, to bring people from all over the world to a better understanding of the brand. At the event, Gold Yumehada was selected by the judging panel as a Boutique Recommended Product.

December 2017

At the end of December 2017, the company was interviewed by the Beijing CCTV Securities Channel and the brand was named “Creation of Beauty Brand with National Pride” The program was broadcast later in Mainland China.

From December 2017 to January 2018

The short promotion video of the Gold Yumehada product was played continuously on the TV screens in the planes of the Hong Kong Airlines, attracting more than 100,000 passengers to watch. In addition, from February 2018, Gold Yumehada’s products will also be regularly introduced in the entertainment magazine Aspire on the aircrafts.

In March 2018

Asia Beauty Business (ABB) from the Middle East made an exclusive interview with Gold Yumehada and introduced it to the professionals of the beauty industry around the world.

In March 2018

Gold Yumehada successfully entered the top-quality skincare finals at the UK’s Pure Beauty Global Award, which is known as the Oscar of the beauty industry. Gold Yumehada was selected from hundreds of brands from 29 countries, which proved that it was highly recognized by the industry and the public.

In April 2018

Gold Yumehada won the Asia Merging Leading Brand Award hosted by Yazhou Zhoukan. The brand has repeatedly created sales performance records and established its market position. Its sales performance came from its high quality recognized by consumers and its leading position in the market.

In June 2018

Gold Yumehada won the 100% HK Branding Award organised by the Greater-China Association of Branding Industry. The once-perennial 100% HK Branding Award has established an authoritative image of the brand in Guangdong and Hong Kong. It cited the full coverage and penetration of 100% HK Branding Awards. Golden Yumehada won awards with other well-known brand names in Hin Sang, Royal Medic, Beijing Tong Ren Tang, Tingyi, China Travel agency

Gold Yumehada -“Leader of Natural Skin Beauty.”

Every woman hopes to have a beautiful natural face, White lubrication, and people will never forget it. But there is no angelic skin. It only depends on make-up, but it does not last long. A woman may not be beautiful, but she must not have good skin. The beauty of a woman is pleasing to the eye and it makes a deep impression.


“Natural Skin” – to create a woman’s most natural and confident beauty, the beauty of women is from the “inner” out, make your skin more healthy and beautiful. Gold Yumehada, help you to open the magic of the inner beauty, so that your skin becomes white and lubricated young feeling.


In the life, there are many people who want to have a natural and beautiful face and pay any price and money for plastic surgery and purchase of skin care products. In fact, every woman can solve her skin care if she is willing to take some time. In her daily life, try to give her skin unburdened then her skin will gradually become healthy.


“There are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women.” The pressure in everyday life, the dirty air, and the destruction of years can cause problems for our skin, resulting in a variety of dryness, acne, fine lines, and darkness. Shen, relaxation…. The skin is very fragile. If you do not take good care of yourself, it is very likely that it will age prematurely. If everybody can maintain their own skin, they will be able to reproduce the white smooth skin, and a beautiful face will appear on the face.


5 steps of natural skin maintenance:


Remove old skin dead skin!


Although there are cleansing face on every day, if deep soiling cannot be thoroughly cleaned, it will accumulate in the pores over time. This is the cause of skin dullness and roughness, so start with horny cleansing, conditioning, and then introduce high moisture moisturizer. Products can achieve a multiplier effect.


1. The cleansing action should be clean
In accordance with their skin properties to choose suitable cleansing products, the key is to remember to clean your hands before cleaning!


2. A lot of foam takes away dirt
Cleansing products as much as possible can choose to add a lot of water to the foam type, in the face wash while reducing friction on the skin, the use of foam to bring the dirt out of the pores to achieve a clean effect. The focus is on using facial cleansing products that will not lose surface moisture and become taut.


Moisturizing essential water!

The skin is divided into several properties: dry skin, oil skin, mixed skin, partial dryness, mixed partial oil, etc. No matter what kind of skin, proper moisturizing is very important, especially for people with dry skin.


3. Tap to help absorb moisture
Toner and essence are more suitable for tapping with both hands and tap on the entire face can clearly feel the skin’s absorption of moisture becomes soft, easy to absorb by the bottom of the skin.


Whitening regardless of the season!


The old saying goes: “A white hides three ugliness.” Whitening has always been what ladies are pursuing. They fear tanning in the summer and white in winter to welcome the summer! In this way, whitening can be done throughout the year. Eating the right food and proper sun protection can effectively keep the skin white, and the bright white skin will make people look younger and more attractive.


Face cannot have edema!


Face is the first impression of the contact between people. The flesh on the body can be hidden by clothes, but the flesh on the surface cannot hidden! Having a small V face is a dream for every woman. Using some creams with detoxifying and tightening ingredients, coupled with proper massage techniques, perseverance, and no reliance on the instrument, can effectively make the face smaller and smaller, and swell to edema!


Prepare for fine lines and wrinkles early!


Many young women think that anti-aging and anti-wrinkle are mature women. Do self-examination for the eye and forehead? Are there any fine lines? In fact, in daily routines, such as exaggerated laughter on weekdays, the eyebrows are often locked tightly. It may cause the appearance of fine lines. Prevention is better than cure, and the actions of maintenance are done early to reduce the number of years in the future leaving traces on the face. There is no need to worry about wrinkles and people cannot guess their age.


Love Nature