Suhada Beauty Laboratory

With a passion for natural skin aesthetics, Representative Director Yoshikazu Igarishi founded SUHADA BEAUTY LABORATORY in 1970 in hopes of bringing greater health and beauty to people throughout the world with his products. Products researched and developed by his company supply over 20,000 high-end beauty spas across Japan. Under the company banner, first-generation brand YUMEHADA achieved celebrity status thanks to a partnership with the shopping channel of a large Japanese television station. A first generation BB cream also enjoyed similar success, topping the shopping channel’s list of best-selling moisturizing creams 5 years in a row.


SUHADA BEAUTY LABORATORY prepared to celebrate its 48th anniversary in 2018, Representative Director Igarashi, hoping for further product breakthroughs, partnered with SUPIA ASIA LIMITED founder, Ms. Winston Yang, an equally dedicated and persistent champion of natural skin aesthetics. Together they researched and developed the 4th generation of YUMEHADA. Fourth-generation YUMEHADA benefits from a formula improved by the work of Kyoto University professors, and employs the latest in Japanese research and production; it meets the needs of busy urbanites, providing them a lighter-than-air, additive-free experience that lets their true selves shine through.

The GOLD YUMEHADA series is born! The flagship product of the line, GOLD YUMEHADA EMOLLIENT CREAM, is that rare full-performance skin care product with a strong price-to-performance ratio. Within a short period of time, it begins to address skin issues, repairing the skin; over time, it also works to restore the skin to its original flawless state and to enable the skin to effectively resist aging.

In the days ahead, SUHADA BEAUTY and SUPIA ASIA LIMITED will continue to develop and promote natural skin care products for natural skin and natural beauty, so even more people can experience the power of natural skin care.


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