Company Background

Established in 2015, SUPIA ASIA LIMITED’s principal businesses include manufacturing, agency, and sales (natural skin care products, healthcare products, etc.). SUPIA delivers products to the China, Macau, Hong Kong and overseas markets, and improves products’ cost-performance ratios within those markets, providing consumers with products of superior value.


Since its establishment, SUPIA has worked closely with Japanese partner SUHADA. Together, they have tirelessly employed innovative scientific research and technology, successfully producing improved preservative-free natural skin and healthcare products consumers can use with confidence. Under the SUPIA banner, the GOLD YUMEHADA brand utilizes a Japanese formula passed down over a century and delivered in aseptic, airtight packaging that locks in natural, highly effective skin care nutrition to provide consumers with more effective, longer-lasting health and beauty.

Legend and Foresight

In the span of a few years, under the SUPIA banner, Japanese brand GOLD YUMEHADA, has cemented its reputation, thanks in no small part to its popular portrayal of itself as the “natural and fully effective saving grace of lazy people.” GOLD YUMEHADA effectively addresses consumers’ persistent skin issues and restores the skin’s original flawless appearance.


SUPIA embraces the business philosophy, “Everyone loves beauty.” After all, is there anyone on earth who does not appreciate beauty? While external beauty is important, the beauty of good health is more so. As pioneers in natural beauty and natural skin, we understand the effect of bodily processes on the skin; as we progress in years, our skin “naturally ages.” While we cannot stop this aging process, another of SUPIA’s top products from Hokkaido, Japan, HT Placenta, enhances immunity and improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture, so that, when used in conjunction with good lifestyle habits, we can age in a healthy way.

Gold Yumehada Emollent Cream

Awards and Honors

金夢肌在過往數年更取得國內外多個獎項, 成為美容界頒獎禮的常客。 金夢肌不僅獲得了很多獎項, 還出現在很多電視台、雜誌和國際展會以及網路平臺 : CCTV時代風雲, 香港航空、明報、亞太區美容展、小紅書等。


For its high-quality products, SUPIA ASIA LIMITED has garnered many awards and honors over the years, a testament to our efforts.
Over the course of its development, the company has become a prominent brand at home and abroad. The company has been featured in articles in multiple Chinese and foreign fashion magazines (such as Cosmopolitan, ViVi, the UK’s Pure Beauty, and the Middle East’s Asia Beauty).


In late 2017, Beijing CCTV China Securities’ program “Times” ran a special report on SUPIA titled, ” Creation of Beauty Brand with National Pride”;” the report also subsequently aired in the United States, the UK, Japan, and Taiwan in areas with high concentrations of ethnic Chinese.


In the past few years, GOLD YUMEHADA has won multiple awards at home and abroad, becoming a frequent guest at beauty industry awards ceremonies. GOLD YUMEHADA has not only won numerous awards, but has also appeared on many television stations, in many magazines and international exhibitions, and on many online platforms: CCTV “Times,” Hong Kong Airlines, Ming Pao, Cosmoprof Asia, Xiaohongshu, etc.

Year Awards received Awarding unit
2016 Asia Emerging Leading Brand Award 2016 Yazhou Zhoukan
2016 Apple People’s Choice Beauty Award Apple Daily
2017 4th ViVi Love Beauty Award ViVi fashion magazine (Japan)
2017 Cosmopolitan Best of the Best Award Cosmopolitan fashion magazine
2017 Asia Emerging Leading Brand Award 2017 Yazhou Zhoukan
2017 Boutique Certificate Cosmoprof Asia
2018 Pure Beauty Global Award HPCI Media (UK)
2018 100% HK Branding Award Greater-China Association of Branding Industry
2018 Greater Bay Area Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Award CSR
2019 Best Premium Skin Care Product HPCI Media (UK)
2019 Best Brand in Beauty Industry Division British Institute of Innovative Enterprises

SUPIA’s Core Value


To live out our values, and to work together with you to create a better future.

Our Vision


To help more people develop a deeper understanding of natural skin care products.

Our Mission


To do away with heavy and unnatural makeup, and return to an original beauty that allows your true beauty to radiate from the inside out.

Core Values


Brand building: Provide consumers with high-quality natural products; build brand image through domestic and international exhibitions, promotional activities, etc.
Leadership in scientific research: Delve into the latest in Japanese scientific research; reach out and touch natural ingredients and allow them to permeate everything.
Loyalty and reliability: Keep promises; offer consumers guaranteed quality service
Pursue innovation: Be courageous in innovating; never stop working for change


Love Nature