Supia Black Pitera

About Supia Black Pitera

With the power of black yeast extract, Supia Black Pitera does not only whitens skin but give the skin back a youthful glowing and radiance effect with the elegant synergy of the use of traditional Korean practices and western biotechnology.

Revitalizing Black Yeast Extract

Supia Black Pitera derives its intensity from black yeast extract, a powerful inflammation destroying the enzyme that naturally occurs during the fermentation process when is like in the brewing of making Sake. The moisturizing ingredients that is used organically identical to skin cells. Black yeast extract effectively restores its healthy rhythm to the skin and strengthens the resilience of the skin cells.

Nourishing Mushroom Extracts

Used in eastern medicine for thousands of years ago, mushroom extracts deliver an abundance of polysaccharides, amino acids and other critical skin nutrients. Supia Black Pitera contains extracts from six carefully selected mushroom species. Together, these extracts are mostly, effectively replenish and regenerate skin cells, repair complex skin damage and restore the skin back to its natural and healthy glow stage.

Protective Plant-Based Stem Cells

Supia Black Pitera includes a unique formulation of bio-active stem cells from green tea, herbs and other selected plants. Rich in polyphenols and phytosterols, these vital anti-oxidants reduce toxins in the skin and reverse the aging of skin cells caused by environmental pollution and inflammation.

Rich Texture That’s Never Needed Water


Unlike many other premium skincare lines, Supia Black Pitera contains no water – ensuring a rich and sensuous formulation that absorbs instantly and drives moisture deep into cells, leaving skin touchable, soft and lustrous.


Supia Black Pitera offers a luxuriant, all-natural skincare experience, completely free of synthetic materials, chemical fragrances, parabens and other artificial ingredients. Unlock the power of black yeast extract, and see the difference with Supia Black Pitera. Undeniably, BLACK IS THE NEW WHITE.


The Science Behind Supia Black Pitera


Supia Black Pitera has been scientifically designed to maximize the potency of its main active ingredients.


The core element of Supia Black Pitera is black yeast extract. Special enzymes within the extract powerfully degrade melanin, the substance that produces pigment in the skin. In lieu of water (which brings almost no benefits to the skin), Supia Black Pitera uses the ferment liquid of black yeast. Known as Aureobasidium Pullulans, this substance possesses formidable anti-cancer, anti-infection, and anti-allergenic properties. In clinical studies, A. Pullulans retains moisture even after six hours and demonstrates inflammation suppression of at least 15% efficacy.

The Supia Black Pitera formulation also includes an advantageous combination of six mushroom extracts: phellinus lintes, ganoderma lucidum, agaricus brazei munil, tricholoma matsutake, lentinula edodes, and cordyceps sinensis. These extracts deliver high levels of polysaccharides, proteins, ergosterol, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamins B1 and B2 to promote cell immunity.


Certain extracts from lentinula edodes are further converted into glycacid ECO. This natural, ultra-low molecular hyaluronic acid transports moisture deep into the skin epidermis via specialized liposomes, normalizing moisture levels in all skin types.

Plant and herb callus stem cells, including green tea, marriubium vulgare (white horehound) and madecassol (centella), provide a profusion of bioactive compounds. Polyphenols, phytosterols and polysaccharides help to cleanse skin cells of their toxins, while the centella asiatica bud cells increase the production of antihyaluronidase, which improves the ability of skin to retain moisture and evens skin tone.


Supia Black Pitera represents a perfect blend of traditional Korean natural health practices and the advanced science of western biotechnology, all packaged together into a sophisticated and elegant skincare solution. Truly, BLACK IS THE NEW WHITE.

History of SUPIA Black Pitera


SUPIA Black Pitera was born in Korea and was created by several conscience entrepreneurs.

In 2014

SUPIA Black Pitera was eagerly approached by South Korea’s SBS high-rated Korean dramas. Among them, Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Chi Woo’s “Temptation” coincided with SUPIA Black Pitera, causing a sensation in the broadcast.

In 2014

SUPIA Black Pitera Skin Care Brand became popular among Korean entertainment circles and was a symbol of fashion celebrity “full support” Angel Eyes. Efficacy is also greatly concerned by people who love beauty.

In 2014

SUPIA Black Pitera was touched by many audiences in South Korea with the love story of “Doctor Stranger” Lee Jong-Suk Oppa and heroine Kim Yun-jeong ~ SUPIA Black Pitera also cheered for the drama and participated in becoming a sponsor, letting viewers appreciate the most handsome men and women

In 2014

SUPIA Black Yeast sponsored ” My Lovely Girl “, strong lineup, Dance King Rain and Women’s Day Group f(x) Krystal’s inspirational love song, South Korea SBS has created a dream stage!

At the end of 2015

It officially entered Hong Kong and other Southeast Asian


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