About Founder

Founder – Dr. Winston Yang

Dr. Winston Yang, a Singapore entrepreneur, came from fashion design and had a deep understanding of the trend of fashion. She has cooperated with the international brands Mulberry, Zara, Mango, Fat Face and Lapagayo, and had a keen sense of marketing. She diverted her business wisdom accumulated in the fashion sector and the many years of extensive networking to a successful creation in the beauty business other than fashion – “SUPIA ASIA”.


Dr. Winston Yang believes that beauty is not only a state, but also a determination. In order to make the beauty business her lifelong career, and to prove that every woman has unique beauty even without heavy makeup, she traveled to Japan and Korea to learn beauty knowledge, and actively participated in the research and development of new products, aiming to provide the most primitive care to skin so that every woman can emit the most clear light of origin beauty from the inside out.


A lover of nature with passion for natural skincare products, Dr. Winston Yang believes that skin can be repaired on its own in the process of using natural skincare products and over time, it will reflects the outstanding effect of nature without makeup.


Her persistence and conviction of such “natural”, “healthy” and “supreme skin” and her business philosophy “The best way to predict the future is to create it,” along with her courage to try, Dr. Yang has quickly made breakthroughs in the industry and gained widespread praise from the society.

Dr. Winston Yang’s Social Welfare Undertakings

Based on the philosophy of “taking it from the society and using it to the society,” Dr. Winston Yang has been actively engaging in education and public welfare.


  1. After the earthquake in Sichuan in 2008, she organized a walking fundraising event together with the Red Cross
  2. She followed the Grace Charity Foundation to visit Liuzhi, Guizhou and Qinghai in 2009 and 2013 to provide financial aid to students
  3. She sponsored the construction of a mountain medical station through Grace Charity Foundation in Pingzhai Village, Qinglong County, southwest of Guizhou Province in 2011
  4. After the earthquake in Yunnan in 2012, she donated winter clothing through the Salvation Army.
  5. She provided assistance to farmers in China’s water-scarce areas in building water cellars and improving their lives
  6. She provided financial assistance to the orphans or poor students in poor areas, hoping they could change their life with knowledge in the future

Personal Achievements of Dr. Winston Yang

2002 Chinese Young Entrepreneurs Award

Sponsor:Yazhou Zhoukan

2016 World Chinese Youth Entrepreneurs Award

Sponsor:Yazhou Zhoukan

2017 Global Outstanding Young Leaders Award

Sponsor:Yazhou Zhoukan

Dr. Winston Yang’s Life Motto

Strive for self-improvement and go all out

Step by step to the goal

Be flexible and adapted, and make perfection more perfect

Love what you do and do what you love


Love Nature