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Yumesuhada Emollient Cream 30G


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“Dreamy translucent skin.” Won the 2017 best moisturizing cream award from Japan’s Trend Magazine “Vivi”


The main ingredients of natural natto extract γ-PGA with many moisturizing factor and development, moisturizing hyaluronic acid than several times higher than Gao, also more flexible than collagen, On the improvement of dry skin, repair pores, plaque effect is very noticeable. And to further improve the underlying skin cells, making skin color nature blushed red, supremacy nude effect, natural elements to improve skin rejuvenation, leaves the skin hydrated, transparent and firming. It’s the queen of Yumesuhada series, which is the “Element of Life” for skin.


Product Features


  • Rapid immersion into the skin to completely reduce melanin, use of vitamin C derivatives and three plant extracts.
  • As a whitening function, make the skin show bloom white, natural ingredients, not easy to stimulate the skin.
  • With more than 10 kinds of high-efficient moisturizing ingredients can penetrate into the stratum corneum, let the skin back to high-density moist state, effectively resist external stimuli.
  • Anti-inflammatory anti-allergy: Contains Aloe Vera leaf extract and other active ingredients, antibacterial activity, anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial, anti-allergic, but also, in-depth pores to eliminate acne shrink pores, restore skin immunity, resist outside abuse.
  • Can get the natural makeup charm even no makeup.
  • This product improves the skin from the inside to the outside, and is suitable for any age group and any skin. The ingredients are made of natural and non-added chemical safety formula.


【How to use】
After washing, take appropriate amount of light pat and then rub evenly. Can be used either at night or in the evening: Yumesuhada Emollient Cream has the moisturizing and whitening effect, it also can put more portion on the dry skin area. Want to learn more, see our video demonstration.

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