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Gold Yumehada Emollient Cream 30G

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Gold Yumehada Emollient Cream

No addictive, Natural formula, Leader for Natural and Myth-like skin


  • The perfect advanced version of Yumesuhada that integrates and improves all of its functions
  • The magic to make your face smaller, with rich ingredients to eliminate toxic substances from lymphatic vessels and tighten the skin
  • Moisturizing all day with Japanese γ-PGA Natto collagen and natural spring water from three major beauty hot springs in Japan to make skin plump and elastic.
  • Promoting skin metabolism, giving skin a healthy complexion and making you more confident without makeup.
  • Highly effective whitening, maintaining the activeness of skin and inhibiting the formation of melanin, with more natural and noticeable whitening effects.
  • Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, minimizing pores, lightening dark lines and spots
  • Infiltrating the skin quickly, preventing it from aging, and restoring skin elasticity.
  • Made in Japan with quality assurance

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Gold Yumehada Emollient Cream


• Turning the skin’s original color into a base cream, eliminating the need of heavy makeup, reducing the pressure on the skin; combining innovative natural materials with highly effective natural moisturizing factors to effectively improve the skin’s luster and elasticity, and increasing skin’s brightness and restoring its health with the addition of anti-oxidant glabridin, making you more confident without makeup.
• Softening facial acnes and oil seeds.
• It can also be used as an anti-sensitive cream on the arms, neck and body.
• Suitable for water-lacking skin, eczema, or dry skin after a medical treatment.
• Pure natural ingredients that are absolutely safe, suitable for sensitive skin, pregnant women and children.


No addictive, Natural formula, Leader for Natural and Myth-like skin
• Morning – Small pearl size
• Evening – Large pearl size


• After using the DEW Moisturizing Dew or SERUM Essence, take an appropriate amount on your hand and apply it evenly to the entire face in the clockwise direction. (combining the functions of BB cream and facial cream). Take out extra portions to apply on the desired positions such as around the eyes and lips. The amount can be adjusted according to the skin conditions. Want to learn more, see our video demonstration.

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• Gold Yumehada is a multi-functional cream with natural ingredients, so it does not need
to be cleaned with a makeup remover.

•Because the ultraviolet light becomes strong, the face produces the slight peeling or the gum
grain phenomenon。 It is recommended to start maintenance from moisturizing dew, it will be
fine if the skin bottom has moisturizing

• As the weather changes to the sebum secretion becomes vigorous, Spring/Summer has out of
the oil than Autumn/Winter that’s normal; to balance sebum secretion, must need to do a good
moisturizing step at the skin bottom


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