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Gold Yumehada Supreme Hydrating Moisturizer Dew 150ml


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Gold Yumehada Supreme Hydrating moisturizer dew unified the toner and essence element extremely in greatly strengthened moisturizer dew. Matches by the unique formula by Yunokawa hot spring water, coordinating the hyaluronic acid to have the superior replenishment function, not only can ” penetration ” to cuticle most deep place, but can also achieve “moisturizer” surface layer the flesh fully function, 2 moisturizer functions multiply each other, made the flesh attain in-depth moisturizer instantaneously.





After washing your face every morning and night, use it or when the skin is dried, apply an appropriate amount in the palm of your hand, afterwards rub your hands together gently,  press it on your face and neck, helping the skin absorb it more readily.

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