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Gold Yumehada Supreme Hydrating Moisturizer Repair Cream 30G


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Gold Yumehada Supreme Hydrating Moisturizer Repair Cream


10 cups of water to start the transformation into beautiful skin


The face cream can care for your skin during your sleep, sleep is the best time to repair the skin. Take advantage of sleeping hours to replenish your skin with water, it can save a lot of time and can repair the skin. The Gold Yumehada facial cream contains a variety of natural botanical ingredients added to natural spring water from Japan’s top hot springs combined with a unique formula to replenish, hydrate and hydrate skin, ideal for dehydration, eczema or dry skin after medical treatment. Its main strength is its light and refreshing texture, effectively getting rid of fatigue while reducing the signs of ageing and making you feel totally relaxed.


Before going to sleep, apply a layer of repair cream on clean skin. If you want to quickly save dry skin, you can apply the cream on your whole face. After the cream is applied, the cream will have already been absorbed. The next day, you will have well-moisturised skin. The same also applies to sensitive and dry skin after laser, IPL or AHA treatments. Want to learn more, see our video demonstration.

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