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SUPIA Black Pitera Skin Toner 120G


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Moisturizing Fountainhead
Quickly absorbed to skin‧Highly Hydrating


【Made in Korea】
Using the Korea Naejangsan mountain Jeongeup si do전북 정읍시 내장동 , 전남 장성군 mountain stream water naturally distilled using traditional process which gently moisturize.



【Re-balance skin pH system】
Re-balance the skin pH system and help your skin maintain the proper pH. It will not strip the natural oil. The load of Supia Black piteras active ingredients directly enter the deep layer of the epidermis. Tighten up the pores resulted in remaining healthy skin.



【The best ingredient】
Using the very finest mushrooms and black yeast, each batch is given time to mature, which further improves quality and purification. Approved and certified by KFDA ingredients and are absolutely safe for all skin types.



【How to Use】

1st Step:Wash the skin thoroughly with a Supia cleansing foam

2nd Step:Pat the skin dry. Do not scrub with a towel or washcloth as this can cause irritation

3rd Step:Apply a small amount of your toner to a cotton pad or ball. Avoid dipping your cotton in the toner as this can leave streaks or contaminate your product

4th Step:Use a gentle stroking motion to apply the toner to your skin. Avoid rubbing the product into your skin. Allow the product adequate time to dry, then apply a moisturizer to complete your cleansing routine



Supia’s unique packaging includes a proprietary shut-off technology that prevents the deterioration and solidification of the product. As a result, the product feels brand new, every time it is used.

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